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Commercial Building

Nudura® ICFs are a proven method of providing you a better alternative to traditional building methods

Buildings today demand reliable, energy efficient and eco-friendly walls that provide superior performance to minimize energy costs, reduce carbon emissions and maximize property value. Structures made of Nudura® Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) offer superior strength, disaster resilience, sound and fire-resistance and energy efficiency. This is why the design community, developers, builders and contractors across the world continue to choose Nudura’s ICFs and insulation products as a proven alternative to traditional building methods.


Nudura products provide the freedom and versatility to design and build projects the way they are envisioned. Designing and building with Nudura gives you the opportunity to build faster with more design flexibility, while offering an eco-friendly structure with substantial benefits that contribute to long-term energy savings. When choosing Nudura ICFs you can rest assured you have chosen the best building solution available today.

Screenshot 2023-02-13 102532.png

1. Nudura Standard From

2. Nudura 90° Form

3. Nudura Optimizer

4.Nudura One Series

Consider the Benefits of ICF

  • Structural design flexibility

  • Faster build time, quicker ROI

  • Reduced weather-related delays

  • Simplified wall assembly, mitigates failure risk

  • Reduction in sub & reduced scheduling

  • Lower cost of ownership

  • Resilient/robust wall assembly

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